Check out Stephanie Robayo's video, which tries to figure out what our members expected to experience on Thanksgiving.

The engagement and unison of our membership is one of the things that makes MetroLALSA special.  In fact, without the involvement and dedication of the MetroLALSA membership, the many initiatives undertaken by the organization cannot be maintained.  MetroLALSA would not be able to offer an enriching Pipeline Program for those interested in pursuing law school; MetroLALSA would not be able to offer a mentorship programming, connecting law students with our dedicated alumni; MetroLALSA would not be able to perform Street Law programs, educating the community of their rights.

The greatest asset of MetroLALSA is our membership.

MetroLALSA encourages our members to take the lead and be in charge of critical and impactful projects -- from MetroFAM, our mentorship program, to planning for the Pa'lante conference to creating marketing campaigns.  

The pictures on the left show moments our members worked as a team and demonstrated their leadership skills.

MetroLALSA understands the importance of connecting with the community and representing the "voiceless."  It is equally important to connect within our membership.  

These pictures reflect the bonding moments of our membership, and the reason why they view each other as familia.